About Virtue

Why “Virtue?” Because we do what’s right.

On top of professional achievement, Virtue’s management style upholds a human-first, model-second mentality. This means making sure the models feel as beautiful on the inside as they do on the outside. Virtue prioritizes keeping its models healthy—not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, too.

This level of engagement extends into model protection, as well. The world of modeling can be very fast-paced and unforgiving; Virtue commits itself to steering its models clear of compromising situations. We also educate our models to make sure they have the knowledge, confidence, and tools they need in order to manage any scenario, keeping them safe and their work secure.

Virtue is a boutique model management company based out of Minneapolis, MN specializing in all areas, from development to worldwide agency placement.

Founder/Director Jamison Murphy caters his services based on each model as an individual, rather than industry molds and standards. Every model carries a different potential; Virtue seeks to help its models realize, innovatively reach, and proactively maintain that potential.

About The Director/Founder

In 2012, Jamison got scouted on the streets of LA. During the proceeding 4 years, he lived as a full-time model in NYC and expanded his agency representation across the country and abroad.

In the summer of 2016, approaching his 5th year of modeling, Jamison planted roots in Minnesota and founded Virtue Model Management. Jamison seeks excellence—not just in the quality of the models he represents, but in the quality of work he puts in to their careers.

Having found success as a model, Jamison uses his first-hand experiences to guide his decision-making. He’s seen the brightest fortunes and the darkest burdens that can come with modeling, and takes it upon himself to harness the former and avoid the latter for his models.